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Founder and CEO Marlee Rabin

Founder & CEO, Marlee Rabin

Let’s share a rental experience

Ocurent was founded by Marlee Rabin in 2019 after years of accumulating knowledge and expertise working in the world of fashion.

From her experience she gained a vision where luxury designs could be enjoyed with an approach that is less harmful to our environment and more collaborative within the community. She wanted women of all shapes and stylistic tastes to have access to a luxury closet without worrying about the consequences of wasteful costs and emissions.

She was determined to create the ideal venue. It started off with friends and family coming to her apartment and choosing amongst rolling racks filled with options of wearable splendor and quickly expanded to a brick and mortar location followed by the launch of the Ocurent website.

To stand above the rest, she was as enthusiastic about implementing a concierge caliber style of service. It was of great importance to have a team of expert stylists, who are genuine, listen, and cherish the meaning of customer satisfaction. They thrive on the notion of taking an exceptional dress from a memorable moment and paying it forward by letting others share in a similarly stunning experience.

We are your designer rental and resale concierge and this experience is all about you.

Let’s share the pursuit of awareness

Luxury designers are artists who deserve to be celebrated, as you deserve to express yourself by wearing their designs.
By launching Ocurent, we have created a platform where you can freely explore your love for glamour in a conscientious and environmentally sound way.

By building a community of “Sharers”, Ocurent now has an impressive library of clothing, dresses, handbags, footwear, with a wide range of coveted designers, styles and sizes.
We are proud to teach our clientele that recycling fashion, does not compromise quality or elegance, on the contrary it allows them access to a lavish lifestyle without the negative impact.

Here are some steps we have taken in our pursuit to embrace awareness-

  • We only accept premium quality designs which provide a longer wear cycle.
  • We collaborate with environmentally responsible dry cleaners.
  • We use Reusable garment bags for drop off and pick ups
  • We promote a Sharing Culture, which reduces waste in landfills, greenhouse gas emissions, use of toxic chemicals and dyes, excess water usage and transportation emissions.

We are excited to continue working in unison with our cherished clientele; together we’ll replace a waste culture with a share culture.

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