If I list a dress with Ocurent and I want it back at a later time, would I be able to get it back?

Yes! While your dress is listed with us, you are welcome to take it back once for your own personal wear or permanently, if the dress is not currently being rented. We request 72-hour notice so that we have ample time to make the arrangements. We also request that the dress is returned to us dry cleaned within 7 days, so that we can carry out future rentals!

How / when will I get my 20% commission?

At the end of each month, if your dress(es) rent, our team will send you a detailed commission log. You can request to have your commission sent to you by e-transfer at any time. Alternatively, you can save your commission and use it toward a future personal rental!

What happens if my dress gets damaged?

If your dress is damaged beyond repair under our care (i.e. large tears, permanent stains), you will receive 35% off the stated original retail price back. Regular wear and tear does not apply. 

PS – wear and tear includes loose or fallen beading, light stretching, or slight discoloration.

Do you only take designer dresses?

We focus on collecting primarily designer and high-end contemporary dresses. However, we are always open to seeing special high-quality pieces!

Does the dress have to be dry-cleaned prior to listing it with Ocurent?

We can take that off your hands. We can dry-clean it for you and deduct it from your first commission. However, we won’t say no to a pre-cleaned dress 🙂

How does the process work?

Let us know if you have dress(es) that you’d like to rent with us, via DM, email, phone or SMS. We’ll ask for initial photos to pre-qualify the dress(es). From there, we will set up an appointment to inspect the dress(es), fill out short forms, and begin marketing & renting your dress(es).


If I’m going away and want to rent a dress, would I be permitted to travel with it?

Absolutely! Just make sure to select the rental option for your required time period (4 days, 1 week, 1 month).

What happens if I damage a dress that I rent?

If you purchase our $10 insurance at the time of rental, you are not liable for any damages. However, if you decide to take the risk, you will be responsible to pay 35% of the original retail price (stated in your reservation form). If the dress is damaged and repairs can be made, you will be responsible to pay for the repairs (i.e. cleaning fees, tailoring, etc).

What constitutes as ‘damaged beyond repair’?

The dress would have to be torn or permanently stained to a point that we cannot repair it.

How does payment work?

You can pay by credit or debit card upon delivery. Note that when you make a reservation, you will be required to pay a non-refundable $25 reservation fee. The $25 fee will be deducted off of your total rental price.

What if I make a reservation and change my mind?

No sweat, you can change your mind! You can cancel at any time, but you will forfeit your $25 reservation fee. We kindly request 72-hour notice for cancellations.

Is delivery included?

For a limited time, delivery is included in the price of your rental! Note that this is only applicable if your requested location is on the island of Montreal, within a 15 km radius of our Westmount location. Alternatively, additional delivery fees will apply. The rental return is not included in the price.

How does the return work?

Upon reservation, we will set a return date. You can either return your rental to our Westmount location, any time between 8:30 – 5:00 PM, or request an alternative return time. Additionally, you can schedule a pick up for your rental for an additional fee, which will be established based on your location. If your dress is returned late, additional fees may apply.

Are the dresses clean?

Good hygiene is important to us! Dresses are dry-cleaned prior to delivery.

Can I alter the dress?

For most dresses, we can offer temporary hems and strap adjustments, for an additional fee. Further alterations may be possible based on the acceptance from the original dress owner. You may also have the option to buy the dress and alter it to your liking, if the dress owner permits!


When can I buy a dress?

Dresses will be sold at the expressed permission of the dress owners.

Can I re-list a dress purchased from Ocurent?

You may have the option to re-list with us — but you will have to re-qualify the dress.

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